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Тема: The Bat! Voyager BETA 3.63.3

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    DimON вне форума

    The Bat! Voyager BETA 3.63.3

    The Bat! Voyager Beta
    Comment from Maxim:
    We've made some fixes in the Voyager, mainly to keep less settings in the registry. Just use the old installation and only renew the EXE file.
    If you want to install Voyager from scratch, unpack the old voyager.zip archive to your mobile disk and then rewrite the voyager.exe file.
    [-] (#0004175) Only a part of address book photo was printed
    [-] (#0005312) Empty warning on saving attach instead of opening
    [-] (#0005310) "account|change server password" was enabled when a common folder was selected
    [-] (#0005310) account properties dialogue: checkboxes depending on "use multiple connections to IMAP" server option were not enabled/disabled as they should
    [-] (#0005311) A visual glitch in Account properties dialogue
    [-] Export and import of messages is now logged if the option "Verbose Logging" is ON the account properties.
    [-] Double click on message header was working only for the currently selected field
    [-] (#0005323) Better working with scrollbars in treelist controls
    [-] (#0005318) Message list Tab: Access Violation appears, when I close "Select folder…" dialog by Esc
    [-] (#0005315) It is possible to set Virtual folder as destination for "Move the message to a folder" in Filtering system
    [-] When deleting a certificate containing a private key and there exist another certificate
    containing the same key, The Bat! doesn't offer to delete the private key on the token.
    [-] Files could not be extracted from signed messages
    [-] (#0005301) password was asked twice on attempt of opening password-protected account with a "+" key
    [-] (#0004603) AV Error when the last message was deleted from a filtered message list.
    [-] (#0005307) set memo action was not updating displayed message lists
    [-] (#0004732) Preview Pane: Attachment pane settings were not reflected in menus on start
    [-] Strings for table buttons in HTML editor
    [-] Adding deleted message to the POP server deletion queue could be omitted some times
    [-] Message List: Group names weren't shown under Win9x
    [-] With On-The-Fly encryption, if you change something in the interface (e.g. select different theme or move a toolbar) and exit the program, the change has been lost.
    [-] When writing config to INI-files, relative path names weren't stored properly
    [-] It was impossible to move out of the message header control using TAB key
    [-] (#0005317) Changes in columnes of Chat folder are not saved
    [-] (#0005336) Filter doesn't send auto-reply immediately
    [-] Scheduler: bug in calculation of next time for some recurrence types
    [-] Mail Ticker options weren't backuped. [*] Splitting of large messages made faster [*] Encoding of large attachments is now faster
    [-] (#0005342) Incorrect background of group boxes which are not inside page control.
    [-] IMAP: new queue
    [-] IMAP: new list request [*] (#0005335) %ABnnnFNAME(LNAME,MNAME) macros added to avoid confusion
    [-] The Bat! didn't offer to restore from a backup archive on the first run after the installation
    [-] Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) weren't backuped/restored.
    [-] Message Ticker Settings weren't backuped/restored.
    [-] Voyager did store Header settings (Main Menu|View|Message Headers) and Message Ticker Settings in the Windows Registry.
    • Скачать - http://files.nobat.ru/voyager_beta/2

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    Re: The Bat! Voyager BETA

    Новость: https://nobat.ru/index.php?id=549
    Файл: http://files.nobat.ru/voyager_beta/2

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