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Тема: Восстановление данных из файлов part0001.bin

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    Voronkov вне форума

    Восстановление данных из файлов part0001.bin

    Я нашел вот такую вот информацию, из которой следует, что данные из bin-файлов, образовавшихся после ремонта почтовой базы самим Батом, можно выковырять только в ручную, и то не все. Неужели все так плохо?

    Hello, David.

    You wrote 16.01.2004 @ 16:54 in <mid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    using mailer The Bat! (v1.63 Beta/11) Business

    DW> I too have a corrupted folder with many missing mails displayed. I notice that
    DW> in the folder there are 2 additional files part0001.bin and part0002.bin. Is it
    DW> possible to attempt recovery from these files. If so, how. I have been unable
    DW> to find any reference to them in the help file.

    You can use, for example, a hex editor to extract individual e-mails in simple
    text form. AFAIK .bin file is only ensure that corrupted part was not deleted
    totally, and you can decide yourself what is to do with it. This file consists
    of raw RFC messages mixed with The Bat! special binaly headers. So, in HEX
    editor you can visually determine the beginning of the letter (it is usually
    started with the name of some RFC header, mostly "Received:…". The next letter
    usually begins with hex signature 21 09 70 19 - the first one looks in symbol
    form as exclamation mark (!). So, you can select the bytes since first Header up
    to this signature, copy it into clipboard, open notepad and paste this bytes
    into it as text, and then - save the file with .eml or .msg extension. Then go
    to the next message and so on…

    Using TB 2.03 Beta/31 on WinXP Pro SP1 (2600), spelling by ORFO2002 (CSAPI)
    ..with Kaspersky Antivirus Plugin (ver 3.5 Gold) & antispam filter BayesIt! 0.4hm

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    Vadim вне форума
    Участник Аватар для Vadim

    Re:Восстановление данных из файлов part0001.bin

    Надоело об одном и том же!
    Читайте архив и статьи на сайте!

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