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, 14.12.2010 в 08:32

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[ * ] Better (proper) way of working with TCP/IP sockets;

[ - ] When The Bat! was working with TCP/IP sockets, it did ignore errors of the WSAEnumNetworkEvents() Win32 API call;

[ - ] When the users pressed Alt+F4 when The Bat! have just started and showed the "Unregistered" window, there were an "Access Violation" error;

[ * ] The Bat! now displays all error, warning and information messages using Windows, so you can Ctrl+C to copy text from it, ect. Previously, some messages were displayed using The Bat! itself, while the other were displayed using Windows, that was somewhat inconsistent;

[ * ] Faster loading of windows;

[ + ] Added 133 new strings for translation. These strings were previously untranslatable (English-only).
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