The Bat! (ALPHA)

, 27.11.2010 в 21:30

TheBat! exe only

Обсуждение на форуме тут:

Разработчики предупреждают, что это альфа версия, которую надо использовать с предостережением, т.к. возможны ошибки или даже потеря почты.

Что нового в alpha по сравнению с alpha:

[ - ] During a backup, closing the window by the "cross" button on the window title bar rather than "Cancel" button caused an error;

[ - ] Automatic filterin was not working on IMAP (Beta issue) - make sure you´ve defined the source folders correctly, by default filters are created for all folders;

[ - ] Printing from the message editor window gave Access Violation;

[ - ] IMAP copy or move from remote to local folders didn´t work properly in last few alphas (BETA issue);

[ - ] When the messages were filtering, it did prevent other IMAP tasks from working, until the messages got filtered;

[ - ] The image that the folder was loading was sometimes not removed after the loading was complete (BETA issue);

[ + ] You can specify text codepage when loading files to SmartPad;

[ + ] Graceful server disconnect for IMAP;

[ - ] Compress IMAP folders on exit didn´t work in the recent alpha (BETA issue).
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