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, 06.07.2009 в 13:46


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Что нового в по сравнению с 4.2.6:

[ * ] Sorting by gender in "Pick e-mail addresses" dialog;

[ - ] Some captions or controls didn´t fit the windows;

[ + ] Macros that accept date format as the first parameter now can also accept the language as the second parameter. If the language is specified, the Windows formatting is using.The language can be specified for the following date macros: %DATE, %ODATE, %ORcvDate; the date is formatted according to . Additionally, when formatting a date, you can use "L" format specifier to get DATE_LONGDATE.

For specifying language in time formatting, you can use the following macros: %Time, %TimeLong, %OTime, %OTimeLong, %ORcvTime, %ORcvTimeLong, according to;

[ - ] The Bat! Didn´t understand long Generic top-level domains like .info, .name, .aero, .asia, .coop, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .travel, .arpa and .nato.;

[ - ] Fixed a few grammar errors in "Postponed Sending".

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