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, 11.05.2009 в 14:09

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[ - ] Toolbar icons and other interface glyphs (graphics) did contain jagging (aliasing) on pixel edges on Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0, since The Bat! version 3.1;

[ - ] There sometimes in very rare cases might have been black icon background for toolbar buttons. This might happen on regular bases when using The Bat! in conjunction with some antivirus software;

[ * ] Speed of output of graphics is significantly improved on computers with very slow CPU. For example, the improvement this is noticeable in image viewer, when opening large images in a separate window;

[ - ] The Bat! didn´t support transparent PNG images in html messages, which might have caused some messages improperly displayed, mostly when a 1x1 PNG image was used as a spacer;

[ - ] Transparent and translucent PNG images (with alpha channel) weren´t supported in an image viewer;

[ - ] Fixed some memory leaks (BETA ISSUE).

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