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, 24.02.2009 в 20:20

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What´s new in since

[ + ] "Invoke exclusive access check" option in the "Watch and Send files" scheduler action to avoid sending files still being in process;

[ * ] From now on, command line parameters are executed in the order they are received by the program (earlier, the processing order was not guaranteed);

[ - ] The option "Use reply numbering in the subject line" in account properties, in the Templates/Reply is reset to "OFF". If you need this option, please turn it ON back manually;

[ + ] the /REFILTER command line parameter now includes parameters for specifying filter sets: INCOMING (aka IN), OUTGOING (aka OUT), READ (RD), REPLIED (RP) and MANUALONLY (aka MANUAL) for using manual filters only. E.g.:

/REFILTER;F="AccountMy Folder";IN;REPLIED;

[ + ] A command line option /NO_GETADDRINFO to disable using "getaddrinfo(EX)" API call, may be useful when antivirus software cannot emulate these functions.

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