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, 06.12.2008 в 20:55

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What´s new in since

[ + ] Address book entries and groups now support Unicode templates (not HTML templates though);

[ * ] glyphs for deletion, IMAP fine-tune and network changed in account properties;

[ * ] glyphs for send all and receive all changed;

[ * ] Viewing attached textual parts now supports UTF-8 and UTF16-BE encodings;

[ - ] (Beta) HTML templates could not be used in Mass mailing;

[ - ] (Beta) Unicode templates could not be used in the Address Book´s "New Message using…" menu;

[ - ] When importing from Microsoft Office Outlook contacts, and a contact did contain a distribution list, The Bat! could not continue importing addresses;

[ * ] help icon added to main menu;

[ * ] view source icon restored into viewframe;

[ + ] Added the Menu Navigator to "View" menu of the main window, address book, message editor and message finder;

[ - ] Fixed an AV when importing a corrupt address book.

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