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, 20.10.2008 в 02:36

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What´s new in since

[ + ] Address Import from Windows Mail (Vista);

[ + ] Backup/Restore: It´s now possible to specify folders to restore;

[ - ] Fixed an "access violation" error which could happen after deletion of a header from Preferences|Editor/Viewer/Message Headers;

[ + ] In S/MIME internal implementation, the user is now able to generate four different types of certificate: for signing only, for encryption only, for both signing and encryption and for signing of certificates (CA). The user is also able to specify whether the new certificate will be self-signed (this does not apply to encryption-only certificates) or signed by a CA certificate that the user have previously generated;

[ - ] Message import options sometimes were grayed out without any clue to the user. In this case, the user didn´t know the reason why the import was not possible, and didn´t know how to proceed. In a new version, The Bat! will be smarter. If a user did select an account, but didn´t select any folder, the import option will first select the Inbox folder of this account and will import to this folder. If the user did select an IMAP account or a virtual folder, The Bat! will give a message clarifying that importing to such account or folder is not supported;

[ + ] New command to delete all private keys on eToken Pro token.

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