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, 17.01.2008 в 12:29
The Bat! ALPHA is now available from:

Краткий список изменений в The Bat! ALPHA:

[ - ] URLs are broken in previous ALPHA - all & signs in URL end up as & in the browser (Beta issue);

[ - ] When an open or save file dialog is opened, the list of all file types registered in Windows is no longer listed in the dialog;

[ - ] Spell-checker for non-English languages didn´t work (BETA Issue);

[ - ] (alpha issue) Address-related Menu items were not shown in the message header pane;

[ + ] The Bat! now supports Unicode file names and unicode file contents for %PUT and %INCLUDE macros. Also, these macros now support charset as a second parameter, the same as %COOKIE macro;

[ - ] The second parameter (charset) for the %COOKIE macro didn´t work;

[ + ] New search functionality for preview pane: Show All and automatic search if the Search pane isn´t closed when switching to another message;

[ - ] When the directory of the last saved file became invalid, The Bat! could hang while saving a next file.

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