2 июля 2002 года вышел пост-релиз The Bat! 1.60q

, 03.07.2002 в 17:55
The post-release for 1.60q is available at https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/beta/tb160qp3.rar

While we are working on The Bat! v2, there is need for better virus handling and PKCS#10 Certificate Request generation. Please confirm wheter then new anti-virus enhancements and Certificate Request generation work properly.

[-] Fixed control tab order in Address Book Properties dialog.

[-] Fixed deadlocks which could occur when the AVP COM-module couldn´t be initialized while AVP plugin was present.

[-] During an anti-virus check of incoming attachment, if an anti-virus API has returned an error, The Bat! did report a false positive (virus found).

[+] Two new anti-virus options: "Check attachments before the user saves them to disk" and "Check outgoing mail for viruses". The last option calls the anti-virus plugins before the user stores a message to the outbox.

[-] PKCS#10 Certificate Request generation didn´t work properly.
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