The Bat! 3.95.08 Christmas Edition (test) MSI

, 17.01.2007 в 15:01
The Bat! 3.95.08 Christmas Edition (test) MSI is now available from:

Краткий список изменений:

[ * ] Windows Vista restart manager can update The Bat! and system components (DLLs) used by The Bat! without restarting Windows. It only restarts The Bat! and the other applications that use these DLLs. During the restart of The Bat!, all open message editors are closed, and the messages are saved as "draft" in the Outbox. You will then be able to open these drafts for further editing. To update The Bat! via the MSI (thebat_pro_X-XX-XX.msi), you don´t even need to close The Bat!. Just run the MSI and follow the instructions;

[ - ] Fixed label placement in the SMTP authentication dialog;

[ * ] Enlarged the windows of the installation wizard (select OTFE mode and application data directory) to conform to the larger Segoe UI 9pt font under Windows Vista. The windows are now 640x480 pixels.
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