The Bat! 3.95.08 Christmas Edition (Beta)

, 16.01.2007 в 15:01
The Bat! 3.95.08 Christmas Edition (beta) is now available from:

Краткий список изменений:

[ - ] When displaying a list of old accounts (copied to a new machine from previous installation of The Bat!), the splash screen was over the list;

[ - ] CR CR LF line endings were treated wrong;

[ - ] View/Display/Advanced filtering couldn´t be canceled by Esc (or Ctrl+=);

[ - ] Fixed a deadlock when a modal dialog box (like TLS certificate error) was over the other modal dialog like "Unregistered";

[ - ] Sorting of messages POP3 dispatcher by address fields was invalid for messages which contain a pure e-mail address without the name associated with this address;

[ - ] Message dispatcher displayed only the firs addressee if a message was addressed to a list;

[ + ] The Bat! now supports Address space layout randomization (ASLR) under Windows Vista, please see; for more information;

[ - ] There were a memory/resource leak in IMAP;

[ - ] The original message base file was deleted during the repair operation;

[ + ] The Bat! is now Restart-Manager-aware under Windows Vista. Restart Manager reduces the number of reboots required after updates and installations of applications dynamically, by temporarily stopping and restarting affected applications;

[ - ] IPV6 didn´t work under Windows 2000;

[ * ] The Bat! during MAPI connections with Exchange servers now receives meeting request and other non-email messages to Inbox folder.
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