The Bat! Vista Edition 3.86.1 Beta и The Bat! 3.86.02 Beta

, 04.10.2006 в 09:21
После некоторого затишья разработчики рады порадовать нас новыми бета-версиями The Bat!

TheBat! Vista Edition 3.86.01 Beta is now available from:

Цитата оригинального письма от Максима Масютина:


Hello Tbbeta,

If somebody did suffer from "compatibility issues" of The Bat! on Windows Vista, please download an updated executable from

The main incompatibility issue was that The Bat! did try to write to protected registry area to update the mailto:

and .eml/.vcf association.

We have disabled the association check in this special version. But you can still assign it via Windows Explorer or Vista Set Default Programs:

In future we will modify The Bat! to check and update association in Vista-compatibly way (via API).

Besides Vista compatibility fixes, there are two minor fixes in this version with Filters-Export and biometric authentication.

[.] The Bat! should now be compatible with Windows Vista

[-] Filters: ´Export´ action - file was overwritten even with increment name option enabled

[-] Biometric authentication might not work.

Please let me know whether you have any compatibility issues in Vista with this version.

BTW, did anybody have any success with Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit v4.1 or 5.0? If yes, please let me know. I was only able to run Microsoft Application Verifier 3.2 and Microsoft Standard User Analyzer.


Best regards,

Maxim Masiutin


The Bat! 3.86.02 Beta is now available from:


[ * ] Previous versions of The Bat! did use THEBAT.IPC file (located in the same directory with thebat.exe, e.g. C:Program FilesThe Bat!) for interprocess communication.

Writing to Program Files directory is deprecated under Windows NT-based operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT Workstation etc.).

The Bat! now uses THEBAT.IPC under Windows Me, Windows 98, or Windows 95 only. Under Windows NT-based operating systems The Bat! used named pipe ".pipeThe Bat! 0 CmdLine", where 0 is the current session ID (i.e. 0 - first logged user, 1 - second logged user and so on).

Under desktop operating system the ID is most probably 0, while under Terminal Servers it may vary depending on the number of simultaneously logged users;

[ * ] When an attach is open from a preview pane, its original name is used
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