Вышел The Bat! 3.60.01 Beta

, 18.08.2005 в 19:17
The Bat! 3.60.01 is now available from: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/98

Here is a short list of changes:

[*] Writing user config (USERDEPT.INI) after reading this file at startup no longer performed;

[+] Automatic hotkey assignment to menus, toolbars and popups;

[+] Other: Search in encrypted messages;

[+] Other: GUI for SmartPad preferences;

[+] NFS: Vefiry Sign condition;

[-] IMAP: memory usage during message list request;

[-] VFs: un-expected AV if auto-refresh enabled;

[-] TBUSER.DEF didn´t migrate to TBUSER.EEF;

[-] Zoom pictures in HTML viewer;

[-] The position of the cursor is wrong when changing between the editors;

[-] Memory leaks;

[-] After pressing "menu" key context menu shows in the left top corner of area of editing;

[-] Two Credits Overlap;

[-] About box glitches;

[-] Container item can´t be hided by "Hidden item" and is not auto-hided, when all sub-items are hided;

[-] Question "You have unsaved changes. Apply them now" appears even no changes were made;

[-] Dynamic items for Remind Later are not refreshed on language change;

[-] VF unread count increases by 1 every time it is manually refreshed;

[-] Configuration file TBUSER.DEF (TBUSER.EEF in OTFE) is not backuped by internal Maintenance Centre;

[-] Popup menu in Sheduller (Edit Event Window - Tab Actions) can be applied on another grid;

[-] Window Scheduler - Edit Action - Refilter Action appears partially out of display;

[-] Contextmenu for attachments not properly working;

[-] Micro-Editor, selective shift/arrow button quoting from RTV, Smileys enabled, Smiley handles are not quoted;

[-] Color selection dialog in table property cannot be translated;

[-] Menu navigator output is wrong.

Your attention is needed in checking work of new headers control, especially with different charsets.

NFS = New Filtering System - UI = User Interface - VF = Virtual Folder - AV = Access Violation
QT = Quick Template - OTFE = On The Fly Encryption - GUI = Graphical User Interface
CmdLine = Command-line - S/MIME = Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
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