Вышел The Bat! 3.51.10 Beta в виде MSI инсталятора и обновленный языковой модуль

, 25.07.2005 в 20:02
The Bat! 3.51.10 is now available from:

- Home Installation;

- Professional Installation;

- Intpack.

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] Printing was not working good;

[-] (#0004977): Forwarding Filter does not work;

[-] Fix of colour group lost on IMAP after nested filter;

[-] (#0004871): Add address submenu was not working;

[-] (#0004978): Error "No folders selected" appears, when is folder maintenance of passw-protected account schedulled and account is protected;

[-] (#0004972): Attach menu was not updated;

[-] (#0004818): Configuration file TBUSER.DEF (TBUSER.EEF in OTFE) is not backuped by internal Maintenance Centre;

[-] TBUSER.DEF didn´t migrate to TBUSER.EEF

It is supposed to be a replacement of the currenlty downloadable 3.5.30.
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