Вышел The Bat! Beta 3.51.3

, 15.07.2005 в 08:09
Качаем http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/88

Список изменений:

[+] UI: Possibility to extract single items for customizations;

[-] SMIME: Internal S/MIME implementation didn´t honour KeyUsage and ExtKeyUsage ceritificate extensions;

[-] 0004671 Subject text is jumping;

[-] 0003705 rich text viewer shows junk characters (blocks and "?"s) when charset is "none";

[-] 0003765 It is impossible to create Unicode (UTF-7, UTF-8 etc) messages;

[-] 0004081 The setting of Protocol.INI should be configurable via GUI;

[-] 0004710 On encrypted messagebase some filter actions doesn´t work;

[-] 0003711 Options in folder properties not used in VFs should be removed;

[-] 0001577 option "Check mailbox at startup" in Account properties should be named "Synchronise all folders at start-up";

[-] 0004869 Autoreply filter not storing sent replies in Sent folder;

[-] 0004752 "Utilities" - "Insert quick template" not usable;

The retained earnings statement example and definition.
[-] 0001387 Windows Editor: hyperlinks are not highlighted and can´t be opened;

[-] 0004846 Macro %ABFROMNAME is broken in NFS - it returns %ABTONAME value;

[-] 0004885 "Browse Character Sets" panel strings not available for translation;

[-] 0004614 Buttons "Edit/Delete" in Quick Templates dialog are allways enabled even no QT exists
[-] 0004874 Access violation at address 00736676;

[-] 0003859 Buttons "Edit/Delete" in Actions and Links tabs are allways enabled even no action or link is selected;

[-] 0004862 Unwanted message copies;

[-] Other: Various problems with characters sets.
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