Вышел The Bat! 3.5.31 PostRelease

, 28.06.2005 в 08:51
The Bat! is now available from:


Here is a short list of changes:

[-] IMAP: optimizations on new message arrival;

[-] IMAP: progress bar index out of range on purge/compress;

[-] IMAP: possibility to purge;

[-] NFS: (#0004809) memory leaks using hotkey only filters;

[-] NFS: (#0004808) %FolderName macro didn´t worked;

[-] NFS: IMAP folder names weren´t correctly displayed in Sorting Office;

[-] VF: Watch Folder after start has only thread root;

[-] VF: (#0004736) attachment=based quick search was wrong;
[*] Other: HTML clipboard format support in HTML editor;

[-] Other: Major changes in charsets finished;

[-] Other: Cascading AVs;

[-] Other: (#0002535) Possibility of definition/showing the messages of present day;

[-] Other: (#0004651) Undo/Redo function glitch in NFS;

[-] Other: cascading AVs possible fix;

[-] Other: (#0004801) Folder tree didn´t used font styles of folder group;

[-] Other: (#0004799) View source didn´t save position;

[-] Other: Interface localisation issues;

[-] Other: Valid S/MIME RootCA certificates are showing up with a question mark;

[-] Other: (#0004802) Windows Server 2003 is recognized as "Windows NT Clone 5.2" by %WINDOWSPLATFORMNAME macro;

[-] Other: (#0004612) Connection Center Opens in Background when getting new messages from account selected from drop-down menu on the toolbar.

Hope after your testing that version will replace current public version.
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