Вышел The Bat! 3.5.29 PostRelease

, 19.06.2005 в 23:46
3.5.29 addresses localisation issues.


[-] (#0004705) There were some untranslatable items in the Sorting Office;

[-] (#0003725) The font of account memo/template didn´t suit Chinese;

[-] (#0003830) Shortcut key input box in Sorting Office needed resize for Chinese translation;

[-] (#0003600) Internal folder names ($KNOWN$, $JUNK$) in actions in Sorting Office weren´t displayed in human-friendly way;

[-] (#0003868) Mailbox import window was too narrow;

[-] (#0003958) Disk space measures during backup weren´t human-friendly;

[-] (#0003950) The font of labels in backup progress dialog needed adjustment for Chinese translation;

[-] (#0003805) Message Finder: String size "Look in:" is too short;

[-] (#0004647) String "Auto backup" missing for translation;

[-] (#0004720) [Interface] Priority icons not shown in the priority column.
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