Вышел The Bat! 3.5.24 PostRelease MSI Installation

, 01.06.2005 в 13:13
We´ve wrapped 3.5.24 around MSI:

Home Edition;

Professional Edition

What´s new:

[+] If you had multiple "The Bat!" in control panel, the new installation will purge the existing "The Bat!" entries;

[+] "Professional" entry will remove "Home" entry of the same version in Control Panel, and vice versa;

[+] When we´ll release newer versions and you will install a new version, you will be able to then install 3.5.24 to downgrade, and it will remove the newer version from the control panel;

[+] You will be able to view the MSI version without installing it. Just click right mouse button on the MSI file and select the "Summary" page;

[+] The file name itself contains the version, so when you download the MSI, you won´t need to overwrite the previously downloaded versions.
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