Вышел PostRelease 3.5

, 27.05.2005 в 09:13
Вышел PostRelease версии 3.5

Скачать 3.5.18 можно отсюда:

The Bat! 3.5.18 - Rar arhiv

The Bat! 3.5.18 Home - Msi installation

The Bat! 3.5.18 Professional - Msi installation

Список изменений:

[+] SmartSpace reading - using just the Space bar for reading new messages and marking them as read. See options in the "Options|Preferences" dialogue at the Messages page;

[-] Access Violation error when logging in with user rights;

[-] An extra Tab required when switching between panes in the main window, separate message viewer and Message Finder;
[*] "RAS Always Auto Disconnect" registry DWORD value, if set to "1", the "Disconnect automatically when session(s) finish" checkbox will be invisible and always on. Why is this option needed? Take for instance, your client, it has a dial-up capability (and a very good one I might add), but there is a visible (unsecured) checkbox during the connecting sequence that can be easily un-checked leaving the connection live and the user free to surf the net at will. This is especially dangerous for adolescents that have the technical savvy to surf, but lack the discretion and self-control to avoid unsavory sites. This is the idea of Calvin Waterbury;

[-] The CTRL+R ("Reply") hotkey doesn´t work when message list is in focus;

[-] [! Other] %SETHEADER macro doesn´t work.
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