Вышел The Bat! 3.5 RC6

, 10.05.2005 в 22:05
Download [3.59 MB]: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/55

Список изменений:

[-] [On-The-Fly Encryption]: eToken problem;

[-] [Backup/Restore]: eToken problem;

[-] [Other]: SmartBat: Context menu item "Utilities | Insert current time" returns current date;

[-] [Interface]: Menu items "Cut","Copy","Paste" and "Select all" in Quick Search´s context menu doesn´t work;

[-] [Interface]: Dialog "Sort Folders And Accounts" have small size and whole is untranslatable.


Those who will be using eToken version of The Bat!, please update the RTE (Aladdin Drivers) to v3.60: ftp://ftp.ealaddin.com/pub/etoken/enterprise/RTE_3_60.msi

eToken - http://files.nobat.ru/utils/28

iKey - http://files.nobat.ru/utils/29
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