Вышел The Bat! 3.5 RC2

, 04.05.2005 в 22:21
Качаем: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/51

Список изменений:

[-] Viewer: Empty HTML caused show of previous mail;

[-] Other: Windows can´t be shutdown if TB! is running;

[-] Other: in ´Browse Deleted´ window ´Undelete´ and ´Delete´ actions were presented and used one shortcut;

[-] Other: new virtual folders aren´t showed in folder tree;

[-] Other: newly created chat folder wasn´t in menu;

[-] Other: If you change language, MainMenu doesn´t change - you have to switch back and forth again to get the MainMenu translated;

[-] Other: Password protected account issues;

[-] Other: old references threading;

[-] Other: Finder results behaviour;

[-] Other: View/Display/Advanced Filtering;

[-] IMAP: Remote Outbox draft deletion hangs;
[-] IMAP: the Outbox folder (local or remote) is not "unbolded" after the message is sent. If messages are automatically filtered from an outbox to an IMAP folder;

[-] IMAP: cannot delete remote folders or make new folders (using "Manage IMAP folders");

[-] Minor: align icons in message list, customizer changes (reset, hidden items);

[-] The BAT! can´t parse some of mail headers;

[-] Two Access Violation errors appears when opening "Search messages" dialog;

[-] New "intelligent" threading picks bad "matches";

[-] If TB is active, Windows can not be shot down;

[-] ´Watch Replies In´ menu doesn´t update without restart / no chat folders in 3.5 RC1;

[-] When moving messages from IMAP to POP account, target messages become broken and their number differs from source;

[-] Messages from password protected account´s IMAP Inbox are displayed in MailTicker;

[-] Password for entering protected account is requested twice when using Enter key;

[-] The hint text of buttons in recent betas mess up.
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