Вышел The Bat! 3.5 RC1

, 03.05.2005 в 10:04
Качаем: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/50

Список изменений:

[-] Other: AV on saving view mode to newly created;

[-] Other: mixing glyphs and new png;

[-] Minor: improvements in account tree behaviour;

[-] Minor: follow-up, selection and ´Open link´;

[-] Minor: default color group settings weren´t used;

[-] When you delete the last message of a folder in folder view, folder view don´t close automatically but stays open. (Bug because I don´t see the sense of empty folder view and it was auto closed in earlier versions);

[-] Status-bar pop-ups in Edit Mail Message window;

[-] [View | Attached Files] after a restart always indicates ´Show as Pane´ although the actual option used is ´Show as Button´. In Main, View Folder and Message Finder windows;

[-] In context menu of Folder View: "Reply to All quoting selected text" is missing. Also missing in context menu of the Main window and Message Finder window;

[-] Checkmarks in [ View | Character set] are not remembered between restarts;

[-] ´View folder´ window [View | Memo auto view] menu: Isn´t correct updated, if you close memo auto view with ESC;

[-] Moving the menu toolbar in the search Window, hangs the toolbar in a wrong position

If you´ll find something wrong with icon sizes - remove batskin.xml and restart

And second - there could be problem with toolbars menu. It has 2 solutions:

1. complete delete of tbuser.def;

2. you should see there something like item [unknown].[unknown] replace it with system item [TOOLBAR_MENU] everywhere in tbuser.def
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