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, 27.04.2005 в 20:41
Качаем: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/49

Список изменений:

[-] IMAP: wrong body shown (I think);

[-] IMAP: some minor message list changes;

[-] IMAP: option to allow simultaneous connections to one mailbox;

[-] Editor: spell-checker popup in wrong encoding;

[-] mid:1839161180.20050414202122@ouwehand.net greater-than sign printed as>;

[-] mid:446200507.20050419010533@onlinehome.de*When you delete the last message of a folder in folder view, folder*view don´t close automatically but stays open;

[-] mid:207716661.20050419131956@gmx.de mid:443593986.20050407212851@gmx.de*no PGP-Icon;

[-] *Follow button in Finder is broken, while right clicking on the message*and selecting Follow from context menu works fine;

[-] mid:118889060.20050417113625@onlinehome.de*The "Main menu" of Quick Templates window is called Standard and has*a X (to close). This isn´t a good idea, as I have no clue to get*these container back (once closed) without deleting the tbuser.def.*(Note: You only can see this, if you drag and drop the "Main menu" out*of the Quick Templates window);

[-] mid:1035637092.20050417012521@ouwehand.net*[View | Character Set] doesn´t list available character sets.*Fixed, except for the 2 times ´None´ in the View Folder window;

[-] mid:1035637092.20050417012521@ouwehand.net*View Folder window: Message list context menu is missing the ´Open **Enter´ option*(displayed bold, as it is the default action).*Message Finder window: Message list context menu ´Open **Enter´ option should be*displayed bold, as it is the default action;

[-] mid:9410504104.20050411131341@merck.com*Redefined: (Message Finder) Results tab, context menu in the message*list: [Attachments | Open] [Attachments | Save] are not working;

[-] mid:1032865216.20050403004041@onlinehome.de*´View folder´ window [View | Memo auto view] menu:
*Isn´t correct updated, if you close memo auto view with ESC* also not when using the X.
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