Вышел The Bat! Return

, 24.04.2005 в 15:20
IMPORTANT: tbuser.def now should be stored in mail directory, keep it in mind, if you want to keep all customization you made in current beta

The Bat! Return is now available from: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/47

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] Editor: Pasting from office to plain windows editor doesn´t remove formatting;

[-] Other: Message list font at startup;

[-] Other: AV on closing NFS with ´Refilter folder…´ checked;

[-] VM: broking columns;

[-] Editor: %Language macro;

[-] Editor: Format/Table not disabled outside table;

[-] Forms: Attach form (only as attachment);

[-] Forms: XMLDATA, RFCDATA macroses;

[-] Editor: Spell checker suggestion menu;

[-] UI: MenuNavigator removed;

[-] UI: wrong popup on single attach;

[-] Other: tbuser.def is stored in WDir;

[-] Other: memory leaks;

[-] Minor: Systray used old-style click behavior;

[-] Minor: Missing items "Show Mail Ticker" and "Dispatch mail on server" in Systray´s context menu;

[-] Minor: IMAP Sync All menu item.
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