Вышел The Bat! Return Beta

, 17.04.2005 в 10:23

If there would be problems with toolbars like missing icons, **such strange captions** then you should delete tbuser.def file.

The Bat! Return is now available from: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/45

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] UI: nested messages AV;

[-] UI: AVs in Folder View;

[-] Filters: non-working filters;

[-] Under Windows 2003, comctl32 can´t handle lines with more than 32K characters, and this makes The Bat! crash;

[-] Menu item "Folder | Check for viruses" is enabled even no antivirus plugin is available;

[-] Anti-spam plugins had higher priority than anti-virus plugins (in making the decition of moving a message either to Quarantine or to Junk folder);

[-] Manual Checking for viruses in folders is not logged.
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