Вышел The Bat! Return Beta

, 14.04.2005 в 12:55
The Bat! Return is now available from: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/44

Here is a short list of changes:

[*] UI : Customization/Language change on the fly;

[-] UI : Connection Centre, View Log, View Source migration;

[-] IMAP : some list retrieval optimizations;

[-] Filters : Common sub-filters inconsistences;
[*] Filters : Macro subsystem ready for beta-testing;

[-] IMAP : Wrong message display while retrieve only text and multipart messages;
[*] IMAP : Possibility to keep non-IMAP folders after ´Manage IMAP folders´ close;

[-] Editor : Items "Style", "Normal" and "Heading" in HTML editor´s toolbar are not available for translation;

[-] Editor : Send buttons positions, hint, hotkeys;

[-] Other : sorting in account tree;

[-] Other : Group unread/total shown in message list;

[-] Other : Password protected account issues;

[-] Other : AVs in NFS;

[-] Editor : no copy/paste from one HTML editor to another;

[-] Other : AVs in customizer;

[-] Minor : folder popup in Finder, more localisations;

[-] Minor : AVs in customizer;

[-] Minor : Request Certificate -> send by email to CA, dialog is blank;

[-] Minor : no scroll bar on empty folder, ´Follow´ menu item, openning thread collapses it;

[-] In CryptoAPI mode, The Bat! couldn´t find ceritificates in "Other People" store;

[-] National characters when logging TLS certificate validation could be distorted in the log;

[-] 0002235 In CryptoAPI mode, The Bat! couldn´t find certificates that had no email specified in the Subject but had email in the SubjectAltName string instead;

[-] 0003257 "Keep associations" option in S/MIME CryptoAPI implementation didn´t work properly after switching it off - it didn´t clear the saved cache;

[-] 0003890 "Export", "Delete", "View" certificate buttons are improperly enabled;

[-] If you create a certificate with private key on the token, and click "Cancel" in the "Edit Personal Certificates" window, the newly-created certificate was lost;

[-] If there were set an option to check objects for viruses and no antivirus plugins were installed, The Bat! did report that the object "was checked for viruses and no viruses where found", when no actual checking took place;

[-] 0001001 ANTIVIRUS - Bad string is used, if is a message deleted by AV.
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