Вышел The Bat! Pre Beta

, 23.03.2005 в 15:06
The Bat! Return (pre-beta) is now available from: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/39

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] OTFE: should work now;
[*] UI: dispatcher re-design;
[*] UI: IMAP folder manager migration to new system;
[*] UI: Address viewer migration to new system;

[-] UI: message list uses correct font size;

[-] Minor: Editor/Format/Table empty in MicroEd;

[-] UI: From/To/Subject should be visible under Win9x/ME (sorting should be checked);
[*] CmdLine: A real template can be passed as the "Template" (or "T") parameter of the /MailTo command
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