Вышла новая версия антиспам-плагина BayesIt 0.8.0

, 11.01.2005 в 11:12
A new version of BayesIt lies ready for the Download. Furthermore an international language file for BayesIt is available the following languages supported: English, Russian, polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, French, Turkish, Slovak, Chinese (Traditional).

Изменения следующие:

[-] exception into some cases RESET doesn´t sync objects which caused stucking;

[-] installing on win2k the filters of sometimes crashes due ton error in working with ~stat.bin file when;
[*] more accurate guessing for default user´s LANGUAGE (when determining which LANGUAGE ton use
during installation);

[+] configurable parameters ´ train delay ´ which determine delaying between marking or receiving
read type character and starting autotraining process (lake included advanced.ini for details in COMMENTS).

This version support internal state monitorings (duck-talk in 0.7.10) which CAN help ton lake what is happening inside the filters (using included more bayeslogger).

Скачать новую версию плагина можно отсюда: BayesIt 0.8.0
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