Вышла очередная бета версия почтового клиента The Bat! Rush

, 01.12.2004 в 15:19
Данная бета доступна для скачивания по адресу: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/28

Список изменений:

[-] Unable to initialize MailChat in OTFE;

[-] PGP.INI didn´t support relative pathnames;

[-] Extension of encrypted SmartBat files is not changed from TXT to EXT when restoring from Backup;

[-] Restore of password-protected accounts didn´t work in OTFE mode;

[-] Cannot Import Address Book Files (.ABD) in OTFE mode;

[-] SMIME.INI didn´t support local file name for randseed.bin;

[-] When editing an S/MIME signed message, the editor presets did change to Auto-PGP;

[-] Using Horizontal line in non-standard background;

[-] Files msgs.dump related to Virtual Folders are not encrypted;

[-] Spelling error, Options/Preferences/ General: "anothe setings";
[*] IMAP: multiple connections to server (Fine Tune option);

[-] IMAP: sometimes wrong message download while only text loading;

[+] Other: backup scheduler action;

[+] Other: re-filter scheduler action.
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