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, 06.11.2004 в 10:12
The Bat! Rush

[*] Message base and configuration data encryption can be now activated for Professional Edition;
[*] Scheduler: Automatic view for currently selected event;
[*] new mail sound improvements;
[*] IMAP Fine-tune option ´Use precise counters´;
[*] IMAP Fine-tune option ´Download only message text while browsing´.

A little description for IMAP users:

First tune option is suitable for IMAP users which have permanent and fast enough connection to server. After enabling it you should get rid of * and <>. Second option is suitable for users who has slow connection and tired to wait downloading of message with big attachments. Sounds on new mail became a little bit smarter and shouldn´t trigger after filtering and manual operations


That´s Maxim wrote about message base encryption:

During the first run of The Bat! executable, if The Bat! home directory is not yet configured in the Registry, the program checks a registry value whether it has been installed by a "Home Edition MSI" or a "Professional Edition MSI". In case of Professional Edition, The Bat! displays a dialog box whether a user wishes on-the-fly encryption.

If you run a single .EXE-file not from the MSI, The Bat! will ask you what edition do you have. You can also enter the registration key and the program will extract the edition from the key. Please be aware that you can select to use or not to use on-the-fly encryption only during the clean install, i.e. there were no The Bat! previously installed. If you like to change on-the-fly encryption back or forth, you have to make full backup via the The Bat! BACKUP/RESTORE
wizard, remove The Bat! completely, including the Registry entries, run this beta and do the restore. Please note that this is a beta version and The Bat! BACKUP/RESTORE may not yet work properly.

Скачать можно отсюда: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/26
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