Вышел The Bat! beta 1

, 15.10.2004 в 15:08
Вот письмо Максима Масютина:

Could you please download (Beta/1). It mainly fixes the bug in question marks in the About box when the name of the registration key did contain the national characters and the default windows locale did not match that characters.


[-] Name of header field of "Capture/Delete addresses" is not displayed as localised in NFS;

[-] Action sub-menu is not disable while selective download filter selected;

[-] Confirmation dialog for deleting folder displays "" folder name like $CHAT$;

[-] Micro-Editor, selective shift/arrow button quoting from RTV, Smileys enabled, Smiley handles are not quoted;

[-] TB! steals focus after opening browser from URL in a message on next automatic POP mail retrieval;

[-] Html message from Amazon not correctly shown in RC;

[-] Help button in dialog "Input registration key" opens topic "Forward/Redirect of multiple messages";

[-] Troubles with automatic spell checking in non-English languages;

[-] Sorting office isn´t updated when account name changes;

[-] NFS: Incorrect rule creation for read messages;
[*] "Forward messages as attachments" option is by default ON for new accounts;

[-] Fixed a bug with "??????" instead of a user name in the splash screen and the about box;
[*] Some optimizations on VF && filters work;
[*] Improvements in VF on IMAP work;

[+] IMAP: sound on new mail arrival (for non-selected folders yet);

[+] IMAP: new tune-up option ´Auto-filter´ which allows filter folders after new message arrival.
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