Цикл версий The Bat! 3.0.1 закончен. Да здравствует новый цикл!!!

, 14.10.2004 в 20:30
Итак, вот письмо Стефана. Надеюсь перевод не нуден, тут и так все понятно :-)

Dear All,

Thank you for your tremendous help in polishing The Bat! Of course, it was impossible to make it bug-free in such a short time, but I hope most of the irritating problems are gone. I don´t think that would be possible without your insistence and enthusiasm.

The 3.0.1 Beta cycle is now closed and we are heading towards the traditional Christmas release. Here is a short list of things being addressed:

  • Improving support of Internaional character sets (proper handling of UTF-*, DBCS and Middle East languages);

  • Further improving IMAP support (folder counters, automatic filtering, sounds, support of multiple parallel connections to a single server);

  • Extended plug-in interface;

  • Customisable toolbars (and possibly menus);

  • Wizards (discussion will be started as soon as we publish the first Beta and specs);

  • Improved Windows-compatible editor (proper wrapping, more functionality from MicroEd plus UNICODE support);

  • Adding message base encryption to the Professional Edition;

  • Improved Help system;

  • Further bug fixing, of course :-).

This is not a promise, this is our working list. Our team is in good shape now and there is nothing impossible in this list (excluding help - I really do not have any idea how long would it take and we are still looking for writer).

The first Beta is likely to be released in a week or so - we´ve just started working on it.

Thank you very much and enjoy the released version - it´s a fruit of hard job, and the best part of the job was done by you!
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