Вышел The Bat! v3.0.1 RC5 Pranayama

, 06.10.2004 в 20:57
The Bat! 3.01 RC5 is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/18

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] No sufficient room for chinese label in input account password dialog;

[-] Huge memory/virtual memory usage;

[-] AV при редактировании общих фильтров;

[-] Toolbar icons "Move Up/Down/Out/In" are not disabled in parts of Actions tab;

[-] Button "Add" in Actions tab is enabled even no action is selected in "Available actions" section;

[-] Win+M does not minimize The Bat!;

[-] Virtual folders - actions are also applied other messages than selected;

[-] VF Error in marking read messages;

[-] "The topic does not exist" bug;

[-] IMAP: Read messages get marked as Unread when sent to trash;

[-] Auto-format prevents correct text edition;

[-] No confirmation dialog is displayed, when is toolbar icon "Delete" used for deleting a filter;

[-] NFS toolbar hints are not available for translation;

[-] Sorting Office dialog title text doesn´t reflect the tab selected;

[-] Toolbar can be hidden, but can´t be enabled and its status is not rememberred;

[-] NFS: Wrong tabs are active.
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