Вышел The Bat! v3.0.1 RC4 Pranayama

, 05.10.2004 в 22:08
The Bat! 3.01 RC4 is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/17

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] NFS: Actions tab button layout;

[-] Address picker does not retain size and position;

[-] NFS: right pane blinks on opening the NFS;

[-] VF contains messages of watched folder when emptying VF;

[-] Virtual folders loosing pointers to messages when watched folders are compressed;

[-] Different fonts in the bottons of the NFS;

[-] NFS: No down/up buttons;

[-] "Registered to" text in splash is corrupted;

[-] No license information(version) is displayed;

[-] Attempting to display About screen freezes program;

[-] Problem with splash screen after "Send To -> The Bat" action;

[-] Sometimes a problem with startup logo;

[-] The first field in the Status Bar is too small for long account names;

[-] String "UNREGISTERED VERSION" in new splash screen is not available for translation;

[-] Changing From (Name|Address) in Account Properties will set according Reply-To, if empty;

[-] Move an account doesn´t change order everywhere;

[-] Signed message is not immediately recognized;

[-] Editor of Quick templates doesn´t allow to select text by doubleclick;

[-] Bottom of Trash icon in accounts tree is cutted;

[-] Tag "ul" not correctly rendered;

[-] TB consumes almost 100% CPU selecting corrupted spam message;

[-] Toolbar buttons "Copy" and "Copy to…" are allways disabled in Viewer window;

[-] Text Editor: only the ´to:´ field is indicated by default;

[-] The NFS sets all priority actions to NORMAL after a language change;

[+] NFS : quick search (in name, actions, conditions);

[-] VF: minor fixes;

[-] IMAP: minor fixes.
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