Вышла новая версия антиспам-плагина BayesIt 0.7.0 RC3

, 02.10.2004 в 22:38
Version 0.7.0 RC3 (full instalable) http://files.nobat.ru/plugins/37

[-] hungs or error when marking spam at the beginning of training;

[-] on some machines hungs on startup because of wrong .lng parser (suggestion);

[-] some minor bugs in train-base thread;
[*] train-base thread optimized;

[+] new option in "advanced.ini" file: "use average instead of bayesian" - if set to "1", caused bayesit to calculate simple arithmetic average of token´s weigths instead of using bayesian formula. It gives smooth and linear result of spaminess. To switch on the option, just exit The Bat!, open advanced.ini file and add a line: use average instead of bayesian="1" (1 = on, 0 = off).

NOTE: due to fix possibly errors caused by the recent bugs, if you update from the version earlier than 0.7.0 rc2, please repair your bases using "lstrepair" utility (http://files.nobat.ru/utils/10) - just exit The
Bat!, place the utility into bayesitase folder and run it!
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