Вышел The Bat! v3.0.1 RC2 Pranayama

, 30.09.2004 в 23:55
The Bat! 3.01 RC2 is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/15

[-] Toolbar buttons "Copy" and "Copy to…" are allways disabled in Viewer window;

[-] No History for "Find text" dialog in Windows and HTML editor;

[-] Menu problem in editor window;

[-] The chosen VF does not show new messages in the list after receive of mail;

[-] Message list pane is empty for VF on The Bat! start;

[-] Message produces "Invalid HTML error" No.2;

[-] Counter in VF increases when deleting attachments;

[-] Message in UTF8 is not correctly displayed;

[-] The Log panel cannot be toggled on and off;

[-] Shouldn´t be possible to import message to a VF;

[-] HTML message is shown as blank;

[-] IMAP: minor fixes;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[-] Fixed the "view incomplete chain" bug. When a user encrypts a message using S/MIME internal implementation, the list of recipient certificates is displayed. When the user clicks to view own certificate and the issuer´s certificate resides in the user´s account, not in the address book, the incomplete chain is shown when the user clicks "View" button;
[*] Reworked internal S/MIME module;
[*] New Splash;
[*] New About;

[+] Wizards.
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