Вышел The Bat! v3.0.1 RC1 Pranayama

, 29.09.2004 в 21:22
The Bat! 3.0.1 RC1 is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/14

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] MailTicker updating problems during session;

[-] Some Macros can´t be insert from context menu in filter-template;

[-] It is not possible to select Contacts with Ctrl and then with Shift;

[-] Maintenance Centre: $KNOWN$, $JUNK$ and other folders´ name incorrectly displayed;

[-] Systray icon is not updated, when is IMAP account with unread messages deleted;

[-] Message with empty To field can´t be printed;

[-] Cosmetics bug in Maintenenance Centre;

[-] There aren´t edit mode indicators in smartbat;

[-] HTML special character & isn´t converted to & in plain text view;

[-] Msg Finder <--> VF not in harmony, possibility to create invalid VF filter..;

[-] Message Finder does not search in Virtual Folders;

[-] Could not search in VF;

[-] NFS filter performance is very slow;

[-] quoted printable header/8bit body doesn´t work for new accounts;

[-] Find text in RTV broken;

[-] Message in UTF8 is not correctly displayed;

[-] Parent folders are not highlighted when in a child VF there are unread messages;

[-] Use F4 to reply with quoting select text lead to partial text quoted;

[-] Selected background color for header pane not present;

[-] Cosmetic bug on the delete message button of the Toolbar;

[-] Dialog "Search string … not found" is not used in HTML editor;

[-] HTML message is shown as blank;

[-] Screen shortcuts not working;

[+] Search in found messages is now possible (not on IMAP yet);

[-] S/MIME message description was displayed using incorrect character set if The Bat! interface language was different from the Windows locale settings;

[-] NFS : IMAP optimizations;

[-] IMAP: minor fixes;

[+] UI: log panel change.
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