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, 27.09.2004 в 20:07
The Bat! Post Release is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/13.

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] VF does not update changes in Outbox;

[-] Some functions are disabled in HTML/Windows editor;

[-] VF does not refresh when it gets focus from another folder;

[-] Quick Search doesn´t work in message lists and message views;

[-] Cosmetics bug in Maintenenance Centre;

[-] Dialog "Search string … not found" is not used in HTML editor;

[-] Can´t view an HTML mail with;

[-] View source (F9) crashes TB! while Virtual Folders are counting;

[-] Connection Centre: Never ending task when sending;

[-] RTV/RFC-822 Headers: "End"/"Shift+End" shortcuts place cursor before the last character;

[-] Icon "Dispatch mail in server" in Account specials toolbar is not displayed whole on left side;

[-] "Additional params" string in filter condition is not available for translators;

[-] Remove duplicates does not work;

[-] "Create if necessary" doesn´t create;

[-] AV when switching Message format from plain text to HTML in the Editor;

[-] Message produces "Invalid HTML error";

[-] Error AccessViolation when choice for new letter Message format - HTML only;

[-] Maintenance Centre: $KNOWN$, $JUNK$ and other folders´ name incorrectly displayed;

[-] NFS: Filter not triggering if Hot Key assigned;

[-] International characters (different from regional settings of Windows) were displayed correctly in the message list but as ??????? in the message header, if these characters were encoded as 8-bit in the message header;

[-] Add calculate function to HTML&Windows edits;

[-] IMAP: send message fix.
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