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, 24.09.2004 в 21:58
The Bat! Post Release is now available from http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/12

Here is a short list of changes:

[-] %Cursor="" doesn´t work in Quick Templates;

[-] RTV/RFC-822 Headers: "End"/"Shift+End" shortcuts place cursor before the last character;

[-] Critical message when "To:" field is blank in Edit mail message window;

[-] Wrog tan index order in HTML editor;

[-] Difference between Mail ticker right click menu vs Preferences options;

[-] Fonts in MailTicker can´t be italic;

[-] Toolbar icons in "Adress Auto-view" dialog are not centered;

[-] The Bat! hang up while open/preview some emails;

[-] The Bat! freeze when preview/open some utf 8 mail;

[-] Can´t reliably auto-view headers in Dispatcher;

[-] Ends with filter does not work;

[-] Invalid pointer operation when sending HTML mail with hyperlink;

[-] Message for "text not found" window instead "Warning message";

[-] Text starting with ´&lt&´ symbol disappears when switching from Plain text to HTML only;

[-] HTML formatting is lost, when is ´HTML´ format changed to ´HTML/Plain´;

[-] Addresses with + in the mailbox won´t allow right click context options;

[-] "Replied" and "Forwarded" icons covers each other on message list;

[-] PGP/MIME doesn´t work when selected over Privacy menu;

[-] Cannot create or modify filters;

[-] System folders rename on disk;

[-] Some displayed headers lack the colon;

[-] Incorrect chars ??????? instead international chars are displayed in Preferences dialog;

[-] Unable perform text search in some mails;

[-] Tag "ul" not correctly rendered;

[-] Wrong menu status in Tools > Search;

[-] Field "To" is cleared when using aut-fill function and switching account;

[-] Confirmation dialog "There are no unread messages in this folder…" needs improvements;

[-] NFS: notifications fixes;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[-] IMAP: minor fixes.
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