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, 20.09.2004 в 17:08
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[-] Directory name for special folders could have been renamed from special name (e.g. $JUNK$) to display name (e.g. "Junk Mail");

[-] 0002580 OpenPGP Key Manager menu item was not implemented for GnuPG;
[*] A warning is now displayed about the S/MIME compression;

[-] 0001293 Submission forms are removed from dialog, if is non-internal implementation selected;

[-] Top-Label height in the Folder Maintainance windows was not sufficient for Chinese characters;

[-] Incorrect reassembling message/partial splitted messages;

[-] Removing Dupes from IMAP folders not working;

[-] Imap - duplicates messages found aren´t removed;

[-] Add to dictionnary IN HTML;

[-] Incorrect creation time when importing from UNIX-mailbox file;

[-] Kill dupe function is broken in IMAP account;

[-] Selecting VF´s by typing their names not possible;

[-] Filter dialog auto resize;

[-] Parameter "nowrap" is ignored;

[-] AV when deleting a thread or a message in Chat Flolder;

[-] NFS: Filter not triggering if Hot Key assigned;

[-] TB! cannot follow by "empty"anchors;

[-] HTML Editor do not convert character set;

[-] Creating subfilter by cltr-alt-dragging not working correctly;

[-] Copy/Paste don´t work in a few Templates of NFS;

[-] HTML: fonts and hyperlink colours are ignored;

[-] Missing strings for account validation;

[-] Typo when testing filters;

[-] Duplicate mails on serverside will be received every time;

[-] TB! cannot follow by "empty"anchors;

[+] Quick Templates can have parameters;

[-] NFS: cosmetic fixes;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[-] NFS: Hotkey filters;

[-] NFS: some minor fixes;

[-] IMAP: empty folder;

[-] Bug with number 0003087 bugfix;

[-] View HTML add params;

[-] HTML-Emails displayed not correctly: scrolling problem;

[-] Search box disappears;

[-] Dialog "Add rows" in HTML editor can´t be translated;

[-] HTML editor: Strings "Style", "Tiles" and "Fixed" in Document background dialog can´t be translated;

[-] Access Violation Error displaying large text messages using RTV.

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