Вышел The Bat! v3.0.0.8 Pranayama

, 08.09.2004 в 09:29
Что нового:

[-] HTML: another fix of ´Invalid HTML´;

[-] IMAP: some memory leaks;

[-] IMAP: header field filtering;

[-] NFS: Paste action;

[-] Filtering on address books not working;

[-] Cannot Create Virtual Folder;

[-] Option "Leave messages on server" (after removing) was ignored for partial messages which were deleted after successfully joined togeter;

[-] VF does not automatically refresh after importing a message;

[-] Chat folder not deleted completely;

[-] Problem with displaying more RTF documents in internal RTF viewer.

Скачать можно отсюда: http://files.nobat.ru/beta3xx/4
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