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, 06.09.2004 в 22:31
Что нового:

[-] String displayed incomplete in Connection Centre;

[-] Mail Chat Window opens when Chatmode is set to "no Chat";

[-] Big difference creating VFs from Search tool or New/VF menu;

[-] Text in internal RTF viewer is not highlighted after "Select all" or "Ctrl+A";

[-] MESSAGE.TBB/.TBI added to VF folder when compressing;

[-] Virtual folders should be removed from Folder Maintenance Centre;

[-] Out of memory creating a virtual folder (certain filter condition);

[-] Delete from address book filter action;

[-] extra line breaks in reply to HTML;

[-] Clipboard saving encoding problem;

[-] Copy/paste from RTV of russian text does not work;

[-] In RTV copy & paste funtion is weird for Double-Byte Character Set language|;

[-] Connection Center: Task display does not refresh properly;

[-] Maintenance do not repair TBI files;

[-] Opening a deleted message in a new window does not work;

[-] Kaspersky-Pligin crashes while checking a folder containing clrav.com v6.2.3;

[-] Cosmetic fix: ´High colour images´ are not greyed out in 256 colour video mode;

[-] Cosmetic fix: "Check Folder for Viruses" window had a "broken" label;

[-] Cosmetic fix: there were exta ellipses in some menu items;

[-] Long lines of the replied message are not wrapped in the "original text" window;

[-] A bug that prevented normal restoring from a backup archive at first start-up;

[-] Preview header sets were not stored while backing up;
[*] Selection of an account in folder selection dialogue did not have any meaning;

[-] NFS: The conversion of special syntax characters [] from OFS was corrected (it was .., now it´s (W|^)..(W|$) ).

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