Вышел The Bat! Pranayama

, 05.09.2004 в 23:17
Что нового:

[-] NFS: Hotkeys were used by filters only after program restart;

[-] NFS: Switching filters wasn´t redrawed folder list;

[-] NFS: ´Play sound´ options fixes;

[-] NFS: ´Create filter´ from ticker operates with account of selected msg;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[-] NFS: editing problems;

[-] IMAP: minor fixes;

[-] NFS: auto-creation of $known$;

[-] NFS: IsActive/Send options copied wrong sometimes;

[-] NFS: selective download filters by default ignore;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[+] NFS: subtree copy/paste;

[+] NFS: folder watching;

[-] NFS: Sent filter with deletion wasn´t worked;

[-] NFS: ´Message source´ condition troubles;

[-] NFS: always created .srx files;

[-] NFS: new accounts used wrong filters;

[-] NFS: OK/Help buttons out of screen using large fonts;

[-] NFS: folder selector out of window;

[-] NFS: Icon in ´Create filter´ not in place;

[-] IMAP:Memory leaks;

[-] NFS: minor fixes;

[-] Editor Window: in plain text editor when clicking on the external links, like - telnet://, etc open 2 windows instead of one;

[-] The Bat! didn´t generate S/MIME self-signed certificates in Internal Implementation - it did prompt for the hardware token;

[-] PlugIn doesn´t work, if it is in TheBat! home dir;

[-] Token Editor Form - buttons were too narrow;

[-] Ctrl+A doesn´t work in Account´s and Folder´s Template Editor;

[-] When changing Account´s home directory - Desktop can be selected but could not be used;

[-] Moving address from To field to CC field via TAddressSelector dialog then forcefully add a selected item to the TO list;

[-] The same address book file could have been added twice;

[-] Help/faq page should point to the localized faq page.

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