Вышла новая версия антиспам плагина Bayesit

, 25.08.2004 в 23:05
Что нового в версии Bayesit 0.5.11:

[-] the log´s options "global events" didn´t influent to the logging of white/black/ignore list global reloads;

[-] the "headers" target in b/w rules wasn´t saved [ID 3413];

[-] the error on Win9X when trying to save a rules: "This function is not supported on this system";

[-] it was impossible to use a regular expressions which used the language other than english (or, "C"-locale) (PCRE.dll bug);

[-] "Selective.txt" file is improved to be more adequate for the current bayesian principles;

[-] Some internal bugs which caused spontaneous crashing from time to time. [ID 3286];

[+] Small regular expression´s debugger which became available by selecting "matches" or "don´t matches" in the "actions" of the bw rules. (Hint: if you check "highlight matches" then the whole matched pattern will be highlighted in the input text with blue textcolor, and any selected part of the pattern will be highlighted by red color).

Скачать можно отсюда http://files.nobat.ru/plugins/13
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