The Bat! 2.13 Beta 2

, 05.08.2004 в 09:49
Изменения следующие:

[-] NFS: Folders weren´t created automatically

[-] NFS: Multiple sorting windows allowed

[-] NFS: Print action wasn´t saved

[+] NFS: Add/Del from AB implemented

[+] NFS: Window remembers sizes

[+] UI : New filtering dialog invoked on debug accounts

[+] UI : Icons in filtering dialog

[-] NFS: Outgoing filters not processed

[-] NFS: AV on add/delete action

[-] NFS: Manual filtering hasn´t showed progress

[-] NFS: Ticker sensibility

[-] NFS: Delete messages from server
[*] NFS: More implemented actions (Reply, New, RCR, Fwd, Redirect, Print, Export)

[+] UI : Cut/Copy/Paste in QTemplates and Account/Templates editors

[-] The Bat! crashes when default text editor is HTML and replying to email.

[-] NFS: some minor fixes with filter saving

[-] NFS: some minor fixes with editor´s AVs

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