Вышла новая верcия Антиспам плагина BayesIt 0.5.10

, 03.08.2004 в 20:24
Post-release version 0.5.10

DownLoad from: [http://files.nobat.ru/plugins/8]

[-] some typos in resources were corrected;

[-] [b/w] the filter doesn´t report anything when it was impossible to save b/w list by any reason;

[-] [b/w] the list of rules doesn´t change after modifying a rule using "edit" button;

[-] [b/w] regexp rules wasn´t available for localized (for example, russian) signal string because PCRE used default locale;

[-] when you change the interface language, all menu were still shown in the previous language;

WARNING! Since the new The Bat! CP-API is in the "pre-alpha" state, after you change Bayesit! interface language you possibly will see the AV message when you point cursor on the "?" or "Properties" main menu. Howere usually it is ony one message which is not causes a crash (at least under Windows XP);

[-] [b/w] if you edit the B/W rule which uses "match" or "not match" conditions with absent PCRE.DLL, the filter doesn´t shew the right signal string;

[-] [b/w] the changed bayes grade-range (1..99 instead of 0..100) wasn´t reflected in the log;

[-] [b/w] the reporting about b/w doesn´t influented from "global filter´s state" log´s option;
[*] [b/w] if you just hit "Add rule" and press "OK" the filter created a rule with a blank signal string, which is matches _all_ incoming letters. The "notify" yes-no dialog added to help you to hold this situation (so, nothing wrong if you just want to "switch off" the filter by adding an empty rule into the ignore-list, but the filter will ask you about it to avoid a silly situation;

[+] [b/w] the icons for the rules in the b/w options.
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