Новая бета The Bat! 2.13 "Lucky" Beta 1

, 03.08.2004 в 09:15
Изменения следующие:

[+] First usable new filtering system

[-] UI: Alt+Selection showed wrong message

[+] UI: Template editors have usual copy/cut/paste popup

[+] UI: Quick templates list and editors are wider by default

[-] VF: Incorrect work of VFs on Trash and Junk folder

[-] IMAP: message can be reloaded from menu

[-] IMAP: minor fixes

Скачать можно отсюда: http://files.nobat.ru/beta2xx/68

Прежде чем ставить, рекомендуется ознакомится с этим:

New filtering system is one of the major goals of current beta cycle.
It is not fully implemented yet, but everybody risky enough can toggle it on in account settings. It should automatically convert current filters to new system.

Known issues:

1. Before starting program kill all .srb files (new filtering options) which can be created by earlier versions. It should be enough to get converted most of your filters

2. There is a problem with KNOWN filter - it converts invalidly now

3. Only basic action work now, but situation will change

4. It can work wrong on IMAP (yet)

One of main purposes of not-completely implemented system is to find bugs in editor and in main logic. Other reason is to give freedom for your suggestions (especially on template/common filtering)

BTW, this version will introduce UI improvements, so you can ask Robo everything you want to know about new headers control and customization of toolbars. He said that new headers control will be
available for testing in next beta.

So… New cycle started, we are waiting for bugs reports
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