The Bat! 2.12.2

, 21.07.2004 в 17:51
Изменения следующие:

Major changes:

[+] The Bat! now supports VersionInfo resource;
[*] File names in smartbat.ini are now local to The Bat! working directory;
[*] The Bat! does only ask to copy plugins into the working directory in Networking Mode (Master or Slave), The Bat! also gives query to the user whether it should copy the plugin to that directory;

[-] The Bat! does not save user privileges;

[-] Network & Administration options available to group users;

[-] Copying a single word does not copy the last character;

[-] TB is trying to connect to non-existing server, task in CC can be deleted, but TB can´t be closed;

[-] Input PXF Password dialog needs a resize for German interface;

[-] "From" in Header-View is missing at start-up with param /min or /minimize;

[-] Plain text (Windows) - Insert cookie doesn´t work;

[-] No icons in front of groups of contacts in 2.12 Beta/7;

[-] Account switching and password dialog;

[-] The Bat! in CryptoAPI mode couldn´t display S/MIME messages with content encapsulated inside the signature object;

[-] Fixed ordering of formatting options in editor status bar;

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